Any Given Monday

Monday always comes back, just like Christmas.
Sometimes Monday gives you the chance to start over, sometimes it just reminds you that the week-end is gone.
No matter which kind of Monday you are dealing with, music will always help.

The song for this given Monday is…

Titile: Unique

Author: Lira

I’ll let the lyrics of this song speaks for me.

You exist
Therefore you must be here to add to the mix
That’s why you’re here
You’re unique
Especially when you follow your bliss
You’re a special thing
Trust yourself
Be bold don’t you hide
Reach into the dark and bring it to the light
Reveal the music that you are
You’re an unique melody
Sing it sing it
You’re an unique melody
Sing it sing it
A beautiful melody
You are a song worthy to sing
The world is incomplete
Until the day you start to sing

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